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For MICHAEL READING CHART ORDERS, send a jpg or photo, birth information (if available), previously channeled chart information (if any), and $60. You can pay at ORDER FORM or mail a check. Please allow up to six weeks. An emailed written explanation (about 10,000 words) is an additional $200.

For a CHANNELING SESSION or INTUITIVE READING, write out your questions in priority order, email or mail photos of yourself and those you with to ask about, and email to make an appointment. Please prepay on the ORDER FORM or mail a check. The basic Channeling Session, including one hour of Q&As, is $295, with additional time at $4/minute. Intuitive Readings are $180/hr. ($110/half hr.), with additional time at $3/minute. You can share either session with another person(s). Most sessions are done over the phone, after which a Windows Media Audio (WMA) recording is sent. Since the files are too large to email, you will be emailed a link to a site from which you can download it for one week. Let me know if you'd prefer an MP3. CHANNELING COACHING, PAST-LIFE THERAPY, COUNSELING, and CONSULTING are also available at $150/hr.

For WRITTEN CHANNELING, email your question(s) along with relevant photos. Send enough money to cover the maximum amount of time you wish to go. You can pay at ORDER FORM or mail a check. The fee is $4/minute with a ten-minute minimum. If you have more than a few short questions, a full live session is recommended.


I work differently from most practitioners. There is a period of quiet energy work and coaching before Michael begins speaking; I don't charge for that. Since I only work with one client in a day, you have the option of going longer with your questions. When Michael greets you, you might want to make a note of the time. If you wish to keep it to a basic one-hour Q&A, please ask your last question within the hour. If Michael continues past it to complete your last question and the energy work, or wraps up other issues raised during the session, it is still considered a one-hour session. However, if you continue to ask questions or raise topics after the hour, you are choosing an extended session.



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Michael is a causal plane teacher. The causal plane is an intellectual dimension directly "above" the astral plane, an emotional dimension. (We dwell on the lower astral plane between lifetimes.) They are a group entity consisting of 1050 souls working in cooperation who have completed their lifetimes on the physical plane. Michael communicates with us through an age-old process known as channeling. In channeling, an individual allows a discarnate being to speak through him or her. There are several Michael channels who, in many cases, channel different members of the entity.


Michael teaches that we are eternal beings journeying from the Tao and back again in an adventure of exploration and creativity. Each step along the way, we make choices that shape our experience. After committing to a series of lifetimes on a planet, we choose one of seven roles or soul types: server, priest, artisan, sage, warrior, king, and scholar. We also form soul-level relationships by teaming up with an essence twin and task companion and finding our position within larger units such as entities and cadres.

When planning an individual lifetime, we make other choices called overleaves that form our personality and allow specific achievements. As with the roles, there are seven each of the goals, modes, attitudes, etc. We also make agreements and join with others in various configurations for a variety of purposes.

Although they deal with the large picture, the Michael teachings are grounded and relevant to our daily lives. People typically find that the insights they gain are highly useful and liberating. They help us understand why things are the way they are and how we can effectively work with them. This results in increased acceptance of ourselves and others, ultimately leading to agape, or unconditional love, our highest goal, according to Michael.

For more information, see:

"WHAT'S YOUR ROLE?"--An Introduction to the Michael Teachings



A Michael Reading chart contains your role, overleaves, etc. — over twenty pieces of information on one page.

One Michael Reading chart without explanation is $60; ten or more charts requested in a single order are $50 each. Updates (adding new information if you have an old chart) are $15 each. If you lost your chart, I will send you a PDF replacement at no charge. Charts are emailed as a PDF unless you request a paper version. Please allow up to six weeks for all written channeling, including charts.

Please request charts rather than asking for Michael Reading data on others during Channeling Sessions, since I channel it at a computer. Information not included on the standard chart can be asked about during a Channeling Session or in a request for written channeling.

A written Michael Reading chart cxplanation, usually written (about 10,000 words) is $200 in addition to the chart itself. You are welcome to email questions or comments after receiving it. You can also order readings on other people in your life, either correlated with yours or explained separately.

Feel free to email a paragraph detailing your career, hobbies, and aspirations if you'd like them addressed in your explanation.

There's a sample chart and explanation at http://summerjoy.com/michaelreading.html.

My book Journey of Your Soul can also help explain your chart, along with several other Michael books. Here is a list: http://summerjoy.com/Biblio.html. Most out-of-print books can easily be found online at sites such as amazon.com.



When requesting a chart, please precisely relate:

• Any Michael Reading chart information already given by any channel or psychic (including yourself). Please include:

(a) The name of the channel or psychic.

(b) The date of the channeling.

(c) Your validation of the information. If you question an item, briefly say why.

• The nature of your relationship with the "chartee" if not yourself, such as "friend," "son," etc.

• A clear and clearly labeled jpg photo showing the eyes (around 50-100 KB cropped to the head is ideal), or a paper photograph, which will be returned with a self-addressed stamped envelope. A recent one is preferred, but whatever you have is fine; other people can be in it.

• Date, time, and place of birth if possible (if not, that’s okay — this is just for research and further identification).




Channeling Sessions are direct conversations with Michael. Feel free to ask any questions you wish. Common ones concern relationships, life task, past lives, difficult situations, and personal growth.

It is highly recommended to email photographs of people about whom you wish to ask. If you are not able to, “tune in” to them strongly by visualizing or thinking of them when asking about them. If you mailed hard-copy photos, they will be returned if you included a self-addressed stamped envelope.

It is also helpful to provide their Michael charts, if any, or let me know if I already have them.

The minimum is one hour for the Q&A portion of the session. You are free to extend the session for as long as you wish by continuing to ask questions once an hour has passed from the time Michael began speaking. I ask you to monitor the time, as it is difficult for me to do that. (Please see “A Note About Channeling Sessions” above.)

To prepare, please write out your questions ahead of time and prioritize them, in case there isn’t time for all of them (you don’t need to send them to me). The number covered varies greatly and is difficult to predict. It depends both on their nature and your individual needs, but about eight questions per hour is a reasonable guideline. You can request a short or in-depth answer.

You get answers to the questions you actually ask, so think them through and state them clearly. Make them specific and focused if you are looking for specific and focused answers. Don’t assume knowledge on Michael’s part. Briefly summarize situations you ask about, supplying full names, the nature of relationships, etc. If you previously discussed an issue with Michael, summarize what they said. Giving details helps clarify what you want to know and saves Michael unnecessary work. Likewise, feel free to ask Michael for clarification or more detail. The more you take responsibility for your experience of the session, the richer it will be.

The transmission tends to be slow, sometimes with pauses. Michael will let you know when they are finished speaking if there is any doubt. Channeling is a delicate process and it is important not to interrupt it.

I will record both sides of the conversation and email you a link for downloading the file (please see QUICK START above). I keep a copy in case you lose yours.

Some people like to have channeling regularly. If you wish, sessions can be free-form, allowing Michael to work with you however they see fit. Michael can also do in-depth therapy; their approach is penetrating, unique, and quite wonderful. However, it is a good idea to use the question-and-answer format during your first session.


Michael’s healing energy is as valuable as their insights. Your awareness and openness contribute to your experience of it.

For phone sessions, it’s suggested that you set up your environment so that you’ll be undisturbed and can sit or recline comfortably. A headset or speakerphone can prevent neck fatigue. Telephone sessions are the norm and are as powerful and effective as in-person sessions.

To receive full benefit from your session, it is a good idea to leave your time afterward free to quietly continue integrating it. These sessions are powerfully transformative and balancing.

It takes me up to twenty minutes to prepare to channel. You may wish to meditate during this time to enhance your receptivity; Michael will be working with you energetically. I don’t charge for this time. They will address you when they are ready to begin with your questions. Clearing energy, during both preparation and the channeling itself, may result in me sighing, yawning, etc.

It is also suggested that you meditate or relax for twenty minutes or more before the session.


A basic Channeling Session is $295, including an hour of Q&As that begins when recording starts; there is no charge for the energy work while I am bringing in Michael. In addition, if you ask your last question before the hour is up, you are charged only for an hour, even if Michael’s answer and concluding energy work go over (unless you request more in-depth energy work). A basic Channeling Session, with an hour of Q&As, lasts 1.5 – 1.75 hours total.

If you ask a question or raise a topic after the first sixty minutes of recording has passed, it is assumed that you want additional time, so please notice the starting time. Extra time is prorated at $4/minute. In this case, please then also allow at least ten minutes after completing your questions for Michael to silently complete the energy work.

If you are not paying online (via a credit card or PayPal), you can send a check covering the maximum amount of time you might wish to go, and email about a week later to make an appointment. Afterward, I will refund or give you a credit, whichever you prefer, for any time you did not use.

If you are in the U.S. or Canada, I will call you at no charge. If you are international, Skype is an option (my handle is ShepherdH), or you can phone me.


You can also request written channeling; the fee is $4/minute with a ten-minute minimum. Please pay online or send a check for the maximum amount of time you wish to go. Email your question(s) and photo(s). Please allow up to six weeks. If you have more than a few short questions, a full live session is recommended for the energy work and conversation; written answers tend to be brief.


During an Intuitive (or psychic) Reading, I draw from essence (higher self), guides, and my truth sense to access whatever information is in your highest good to receive at that time. You can prepare written questions, or the session can be free form.

Although the future cannot be predicted per se, I can help you look at where events are currently heading, your essence’s plans, and how you can create positive outcomes.

Sessions can encompass communicating with deceased loved ones (mediumship), animal communication, past-life readings, and therapy/counseling. I can also describe your energy patterns and help you shift them.

These sessions are fun, down to earth, and enlightening. The fee is $180/hour or $110/half hour.


Many people are interested in learning to channel and need some help getting started. In Channeling Coaching, I safely guide you into the experience and support you each step along the way. The fee is $150/hour. Sessions usually take about two hours. Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman is a suggested text.



Past-life therapy, counseling, and consulting (for example, on the Michael teachings) are $150/hour.




I usually schedule appointments at 6 p.m. Pacific time; other times are also available, and weekends are fine.



Credit cards are accepted through http://summerjoy.com/Order.html. If you wish to pay by check, please allow enough time for the funds to clear (U.S. funds only).

Please give 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel; otherwise, you are responsible for 50% of the fee.

Reduced-fee sessions are available for those with limited resources after your first session.


Sometimes what Michael says to one person can be a blessing to many when edited and published. For this reason, I retain all rights to my channeling. I greatly appreciate copies of transcripts you make of them, preferably emailed. Client privacy is always respected.



I am available for group channelings, lectures, workshops, and book signings.

Feel free to email or call if you have questions.



By Michael

First, we would like to tell you how much we enjoy the opportunity to speak with you. Chances are that on some level, we are old friends. Otherwise, we would probably not have attracted one another into this type of communication. If not, we are happy to make your acquaintance and offer what we can in the way of counsel.

We are not omnipotent, but we do have excellent sources of usually reliable information, including the aura around you. We also go to the akashic records, which is a library of all accumulated knowledge available actually to all, but with so much information, it does take skill in locating the pertinent facts, and we are learning to do that, just as you are learning to make use of the tools of the physical plane.

We do not know for a certainty what the future will bring for ourselves or for you. That makes the game of life much more interesting and challenging. If everything could be predicted ahead of time, we would have to be automatons, and if we are representatives of the consciousness of the Tao, then the Tao would likewise be an automaton. Fortunately, this is not the case. We cannot predict what others will do with assurance because others themselves do not know what they will do, and even if they think that they do, they might change their minds. We can only give our best projections based on where things appear to be going and taking into account the relevant agreements and karmas. This, too, is an art that we are learning.

We are happy for you to ask any questions to which you would like to hear our responses. However, we feel we are of the greatest benefit when you ask questions regarding matters of importance to your life: for example, experiences from which you wish to learn the most you can, or people you wish to understand better so that you can love them more.

When you come to us via Shepherd, you need to understand that you are getting our opinions, views and experiences. Other equally valid entities have different points of view and slants. It's up to you to make up your mind about things. We make mistakes, too, so if something doesn't ring true, it's okay to be skeptical. Many times, however, increased understanding brings with it a sensing of how apparently contradictory facts can both be true, so keep an open mind.

You will get the most out of this session if you review the material in a week or two. It's hard for so much new knowledge to soak in the first time. A defense against overload is to make it seem less than it is. This is normal, but often, our students find their channeling to be far more meaningful weeks or even months later. Also, it is the mark of a good teacher (and we aspire to this) to give what the student is almost but not quite ready to hear. That way, we promote growth. Obviously, the material becomes more meaningful when the student is actually ready.

So we look forward to our time with you. Feel free to talk to us as you would anyone else. 



Though it has been a few days since our session, I still think of little else. You have a wonderful gift that I am grateful and honored to have shared.

The Michael teachings have been of the greatest importance to me. I thank you eternally for your work.

Michael and you always make things so clear and make my way clear before me.

My channeling session with you and Michael was one of my most enlightening experiences to date.

The Michael Readings you channeled on my children were very informative and eye-opening for me. They shed light on their behaviors that helped me immensely.

Michael and you were so helpful and on target, as always. The reading has helped me get unstuck. Thank you!

The energy work you and Michael did with me marked the end of months of leg cramps-they later reappeared briefly after lots of physical stress but weren't as severe.

It was immensely important for my life that I have met you. Ever since you helped me learn to channel, I've known that I'm on my path.

I feel better than I have in quite a while since our phone session, very energetic, relaxed, and "smoothed out." During the session itself, I could feel the energy "zapping" me. I saw various colors in front of my closed eyes, and experienced glimpses of my essence. The feeling was pure bliss!

I was really impressed by my session with you. I've been very up for the past two days. The whole thing was rather amazing and I still feel like things are shifting around for the better. I've been sleeping and eating better also.

I've been able to sustain an overall feeling of joy and peace for several months, much of which I attribute to the Michael work.

That evening of channeling with you was an all-time high! I'll remember that as a sendoff into a new world for me. 





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