(As a result of my work with Michael, I have met many wonderful people. For me, this is the greatest reward of channeling, other than the contact with Michael itself. The first section contains excerpts from unsolicited client letters that were written mostly following private sessions. In the next section , Michael students share about how the Michael work has affected them, focusing on group sessions and the Michael teachings themselves.--SHEPHERD HOODWIN)




Though it has been a few days since our session, I still think of little else. When Michael came through, it felt like a strong breeze, though I know nothing in the room moved. Yet throughout, I could feel your presence, and was in awe of the energy that was your own. How appropriate that the next day was Thanksgiving. You have a wonderful gift that I am grateful and honored to have shared.

Thank you for being such a kind and gracious guide on my first journey into my being. You and Michael have planted a seed that no foul weather can uproot or destroy. I know that the path to growth will not be easy, but from now on I will realize that the "shit" I go through is really fertilizer for growing a wiser, more loving me.

The reading was a blockbuster (literally) and everyone I've shared it with has been very much impressed.

I just wanted to pen a note to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and how much I appreciated your loving assiduousness and friendly hospitality. The results of the channeling are invaluable to me: a help, a challenge, an encouragement, and a swift kick in the right direction. Thanks again.

I feel better than I have in quite a while since our phone session, very energetic, relaxed, and "smoothed out." During the session itself, I could feel the energy "zapping" me. I saw various colors in front of my closed eyes, and experienced glimpses of my essence. The feeling was pure bliss!

The Michael teachings have been of the greatest importance to me. Having the overview of the whole universe and of my personality specifically has been so liberating. I've spent most of my life trying to make myself conform to other people's ideals (and feeling extremely strange for not accomplishing it), and the teachings have helped me understand and be more accepting of myself and everyone else. I've seen this same thing happen to virtually everyone who has gotten his Michael Reading chart from you and has read about the teachings. I love it. I thank you eternally for your work.

Michael and you always make things so clear and make my way clear before me. They also have a way of saying things I couldn't hear from anyone else.

My channeling session with you and Michael was one of my most enlightening experiences to date. The information gained and the atmosphere created have taken me to yet another level of awareness. It is the reunion of kindred souls that signposts our progress. My meeting you is one more great example of this.

I want to thank you for all the good work you do. The "Michael Speaks" was a truly beautiful evening and a testimony to your abilities as a channel. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful community.

I'm still drawing so much usable information and enrichment from your last two "Michael Speaks" sessions. I've lost twelve pounds and am still at it, and I've been able to sustain an overall feeling of joy and peace with myself for several months now, much of which I can attribute directly to the Michael work.

When Michael answered my question at the "Michael Speaks," it was all I could do to keep from melting through the floor because the heat coming from you was intense, and the energy unreal. The lady sitting next to me noticed it, too, without me mentioning it first.

It was immensely important for my life that I have met you. Ever since you helped me learn to channel, I've known that I'm on my path. I know I will be able to do whatever I came to do this time. And, of course, what I have learned from Michael! Through them I was able to shift a lot of fears and learned how important energies are. Earlier in my life I would have freaked out about my present situation; now, there is a lightness and a lot of trust in me. I know it's a lesson that I will solve.…I'm blessed.

This past year has been an utterly amazing time of growth for me, and the Michael work has played a major part in that.

The Michael Readings you channeled on my children were very informative and eye-opening for me. They shed light on their behaviors that helped me immensely. Thanks so much, Shepherd. I feel that you're performing a really invaluable service for people.

That evening of channeling with you was an all-time high! I'll remember that as a sendoff into a new world for me.

Michael and you were so helpful and on target, as always. The reading has helped me get unstuck. Thank you!

The energy work you and Michael did with me marked the end of months of leg cramps--they later reappeared briefly after lots of physical stress but weren't as severe.

My love and thanks go out to you and Michael for the last batch of charts you did for me. How I wish I had had the charts of my parents for the last forty years. I visited them a couple of weeks ago, and by keeping their overleaves, etc., in mind, our visit was totally free of a long list of habitual conflicts that have eroded our relationships for many years.

After having read the Michael books, I did not at all expect the great warmth I felt and saw coming through during our session. It was quite wonderful.

I was really impressed by my session with you. I've been very up for the past two days. My house is calm and everything with my friend is smoother than before, like about ten bricks were removed from both of us. Michael was reading just about everything I was thinking. It was a little scary, but the whole thing meant a lot to me. I think I'm ready to start trying a little more trust in my life. I had about fifteen questions, but as it turns out, everything I really wanted to know and then some was answered. The whole thing was rather amazing and I still feel like things are shifting around for the better. I can't stress enough how much this has affected me. I've been sleeping and eating better also. I thank you and thank Michael. The work you guys do is really important, in ways I'm not even sure I fully understand yet.



The Michael channeling has shown me how gentle and purposeful the universe really is, rather than consisting of an exclusive view where one dogma or teaching is the truth. The Michael work brings me acceptance and understanding where before there was a lot of judgment and intolerance.

I find the "Michael Speaks" sessions to be physically vitalizing, intellectually stimulating, and full of love and compassion. Sitting in front and looking directly at the channel gives me a feel for causal-plane energy, and what my everyday life could be like if I maintained a clear vibration.

Discovering the Michael teachings was a turning point in my life. They gave me a framework on which everything I knew fit neatly into place. I'm constantly learning more and, as of yet, it still holds it all together beautifully. The people in the New York Michael group are, to me, not just friends but family. Some I see only once a month or less, some quite frequently. All of them have that feel that says, "We are connected in a special way."

I consider Michael old friends. I feel so grateful to reacquaint with them. I have transcribed all my channeling sessions and frequently reread them, always finding more insight. I have begun channeling a fragment of the Michael entity. However, he refers to himself as "Samuel," explaining when we first made contact that I took Michael too seriously. He appeared to me looking like Mr. Clean. I never laughed so hard in my life!

I am so glad a teacher like this is available to me. I honestly never expected it in this lifetime. I feel infinitely challenged and no longer bereft that my parents were not quite up to guiding me in what I would like to accomplish. Experience has gotten much more interesting. I feel like a child who has just discovered the world outside. My chief feature is impatience. No wonder I want unlimited sessions with Michael, right now! And you know what? I'm a warrior, so I'm going to get them!

I had been passing through, or perhaps more precisely, had been run down by, my fourth internal (midlife) monad, when Michael came into my life. They brought profound understandings about who I am, my direction, and at my very first "Michael Speaks" meeting, true love! So drastically and dramatically has all changed for the better, I hardly recognize this experience as my own.

Michael doesn't solve my problems, but I don't feel stupid or wrong for having them. In "Michael Speaks" sessions, they treat everyone's questions with respect. No matter how strange an idea or question may seem, Michael makes it sound normal. They don't put up with any nonsense, but the manner in which they do this is so gentle that no one feels chastised. They don't get defensive, and consequently, no one else does either. Just to witness this quality of communication is valuable to me.

I had been involved with the Michael teachings through books for a few years before a friend informed me of a Michael channel in New York City. Finally, a chance to experience a Michael meeting, complete with information, joy, other "Michael people," and heavy causal energy! It's all that and more. Michael answered my agonizing questions of "Who am I?" and "Is there a God?" I've learned so much from the books, and I keep learning more and more from the meetings. The energy at them is intense, and I feel it for days afterward. There's a new happiness in my life. I'm more tolerant because I understand myself and other people a lot better. Recently, I started channeling a king fragment of the Michael entity. I hope to learn more, love more, and help Michael help others. The whole Michael experience is enlightening, and fun, too.

At my first "Michael Speaks," Michael's response to a question of mine was gentle and penetratingly personal. More importantly, there was an energy of communion. The group creates an environment where one can share and exchange ideas without judgment, but with support for the journey of each person. Learning that artisans can experience difficulty adapting to the physical plane gave me the perspective to express more compassion toward myself while working to become more grounded.

I read Messages from Michael ten years ago and viewed the information as an excellent tool. However, I lost interest after a while due to being unable to identify the role and overleaves of myself and others with any certainty. When I heard about Shepherd and had my Michael chart channeled, self-understanding began to dawn: I'm not strange or unmotivated. I am simply a typical sixth-level old scholar doing what sixth-level old scholars do! As I shared my new-found enthusiasm with others, they too became interested in the Michael material and called Shepherd. Pretty soon, we were all comparing notes, so starting a Michael discussion group (in New Jersey) seems exactly the thing to do!

I had been looking for a job since September. By the following February, my midlife crisis had just about peaked. I had been to many psychic readers and channels in search of in-depth counseling. Unfortunately, my success and satisfaction with them had not been too good. They kept predicting that I would have a job in my field of expertise within weeks or months. In the meantime, I was still unemployed and depressed. My belief in myself, God, and spiritual counselors was at its lowest level. When I ran across Shepherd's advertisement, I felt I had nothing to lose. A marked change took place in my life after my first session with Michael, and I often replayed the tape of it. It helped me to focus attention on my problems and needs, and offered direction for attaining goals. The meditation at the end of it provided me with energies when I was about to undertake a difficult project, such as going on a job interview or taking an exam. I had been very uneasy about making a career change. However, Michael helped me gain a sense of security and strength. Today, I am loving every minute of my new career and feel confident about my future.

The first thing I noticed after my initial session with Michael was that my whole intuitive side had been reinforced and expanded. My "antennae" had been sensitized and lengthened, and I developed greater access to information from the inside. In fact, the word "expansion" best describes the overall effect of Michael sessions on my life. As Michael put it so well, they are a part of my "spiritual fitness program."

I do not write from the point of view of a diehard Michael fan. As a matter of fact, I haven't yet had a private session. Why, then, do I go to the "Michael Speaks"? Quite simply put, to have access to the words, which when spoken have a beautiful quality. I have always found the teachings of any of the unseen guides to have a profound influence on my life. Whenever I take the time to realize that such incredible beings exist, I feel like a teenager with one huge crush on the high school football star. The very thought of having the opportunity to physically participate with one of them brings tears of joy to my eyes. How my life's path will change is dependent on the impact I allow these words to have. It is only recently that I have accepted that I do indeed create all my reality, and what a wonderfully perplexing responsibility that is. My closet of stumbling blocks is yet to be cleaned out, but of this much I am sure: the "Michael Speaks" is one more gift of the intricate, magnificent miracle called life.

Michael and I are old friends--of that I am sure. Meeting up with them again a year ago ended a long search that covered much ground on this planet. Their wise and loving words have been like a beacon splashing lights and colors on all the dark spots I carried around--spaces for missing pieces. Now they are filling in nicely and I am growing, exponentially at times! Probably the single, most exciting lesson I have relearned is that there is no good or bad, just choice. After years and years of uncertain, fear-ridden decisions, and tons of guilt dressed in nun's habits, I feel such a relief. There is no hell, purgatory, or limbo! Life can actually be a joy. It is permitted!